Just a few of the fun little experiments we do with the students

  • magic milk

    part of the 4th grade Fact of the Matter program
  • The infamous SQUONKY

    Part of the 3rd grade Sounds Abound or Wave Hello programs
  • measuring with macaroni

    2nd grade experiment with non-standard units of measure
  • PLASMA lamp!

    Part of the electrifying 4th grade program Youre in Charge

We offer over a dozen different programs!

Our unique programs feature hands-on experiences that clearly depict important grade-level concepts. Through hands-on learning, we put the pupil in quest of science!

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Our staff members at IQ Science are always ready to help put the pupil in quest of science!

Rupert and friends

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, adults and nymphs, available for classroom visits

Little bunny Foo Foo

because he is a solid, he holds his shape, and NEVER turns into a goon!

Dr. Terry

program designer & presenter


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 All of our K-8 programs aim to “put the pupil in quest of science.” Children already know how to explore the world around them – every time they use their senses, push a toy train, roll a ball, swing on swing, bake cookies with Grandma, pour a glass of milk, or admire a cute squirrel, they are playing the part of a scientist.  By connecting with their inner explorer, all children can be motivated to believe in their ability to learn and do science.  This is why at IQ Science, we use ordinary household items in order to bring extra-ordinary science experiences to schools in Southeastern Michigan.

The path of science offers a journey that begins with simple play, is fueled by curiosity and excitement, and proceeds with the greatest ease and enjoyment along a road paved smooth by a solid understanding of basic principles.  Our presenters use dynamic but simple demonstrations and experiments to provide a strong grounding in core curriculum concepts – combining “wow!” moments with “aha!” moments so that these demonstrations and activities have a lasting impact.

When students take field trips to museums, one unfortunate truth is that the gift shop can be a bigger hit than the exhibit.  Recognizing students’ affection for such knick-knacks, most programs include “goody bags” or souvenirs for the students.  These take-home items encourage further exploration as students to take home what they have learned to share with their families, reinforcing the lessons they learn from each show and providing the students with a feeling of ownership and mastery of the concepts they have seen.

We personally design all of our science programs, which gives us the flexibility to change them up to suit different grade levels and to focus on different specific questions and areas of interest.  These programs evolve with teacher and student feedback, and we are always working on new shows to address student and teacher requests.  So keep making requests and checking back in, and/or sending in e-mails, and we’ll keep updating the repertoire of programs.  We will be updating programs as we prepare for the new Science Standards; if you don’t see a show on our roster that fits your current needs, just ask.  If you have any questions about the new prices, new programs, or current bookings, please contact Dr. Terry via e-mail at  Terry at iqscienceassemblies.com.  (I can no type the direct link nor publish a phone number here on line; it generated an unpleasant amount of virus-containing e-mail spam and telemarketing that began to interfere with business.  We can discuss programs by phone if you like, just send an e-mail and I will reply with a phone number where I can be reached.  Thank you)

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